Trauma Care

Life Saving Skills

Forward Assist is certified to train your workplace, church, or organization on essential skills to handle a casualty crisis. We can train you in important life-saving skills using the same product law enforcement and government agencies use that are available for the private sector.  
taught by qualified instructors.

- Active/retired Military 

- certified instructors for

- title 12 emt & first responders

- TacMed Solutions ATP program instructors

Trauma Care

3hr class. 

Subject covers. How to use a tourniquet, wound pack & compression, what to do in a major accident. Review of products and how to use them. How to build your own IFAK kit. (Individual First Aid Kit) Triage

Stop the Bleed

1.5hr class,

Subject covers, Bleed control. identify bleeds and how to address them. subject covers how to use a tourniquet and wound packing.

Course completion certificate by Stop the Bleed

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For more information on our Bleed Control Class or to book a class contact: 310-528-3688 or 

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