Americas Rifle Challenge L1

ARC Matches

The America's Rifle Challenge L1 Match

presented by the Friends of the NRA

Try the new America's Rifle Challenge Basic Match. Sponsored by Friends of the NRA

ARC Basic match L1 is beginner friendly, CMP style where shooters will shoot together and the same time on the line. Timed and scored by points.

The L1 Basic Match is a new program great to get in to the sport & get familiar with your MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle). Whether you’re a new or experienced shooter it’s a fun shoot. 

Stuff you will need to bring:

 - serviceable AR platform

- 4x magazine rifle 

- Sling either Single point or 2 point sling for rifle, 

- magazine pouch or carry system 

- close toe shoes 

- Pack a snack 

 Categories are:

-Stock  Class

1.   A stock class rifle may only have 1 sighting system mounted

2.  Fixed or flip up metallic sights are allowed

3.  Red Dot Sights (RDS) or prismatic optics with no magnification are allowed

- Limited Class

1.  A limited class rifle may have 2 sighting systems mounted, one optic and one set of metallic sights be it fixed or flip up.

2.  The optic may be up to 8x power fixed or variable power magnification

3.  Use and or mounting of a magnifier in conjunction with an RDS will count as limited.

- Open Class

1.  An open class rifle may have 3x sighting systems mounted, one primary optic, one secondary optic, and fixed or flip up metallic sights.

2.  The primary optic may be variable magnification anywhere within the range of 1x power to 18x power maximum.

3.  If a secondary optic is used, it shall be a non-magnified RDS



Physical liability: ARC is a physical sport that will require you to run, walk, kneel, go prone, & crawl. If you have any physical limitations please consult with your physician before you participate.   

In order to participate in the ARC It is required you must be able to show you can safely demonstrate you can load/unload your firearm safely and have shooting experience before competing.

Cancellation policy:  You can cancel up to the night before the shoot and get refunded 100%. If you do not cancel prior to the day of the class we have to pre-pay per student to reserve your spot therefore no refund can be issued. Forward Assist can reverse the right to keep the class fee.

ARC L1 match

Course of Fire

1. Timed 1 by 1. @7yds From low ready, safety on, at buzzer 1x shot back to low ready.  2x. total shots 2 

2. Timed 1 by 1 @7yds From low ready, safety on, at buzzer 2x shots back to low ready 2x. total shots 4

- Break and score

3. Timed 1 by 1, @7yds From low ready, safety on, at buzzer 10x shot back to low ready 1x total shots 10

4. Timed 1 by 1, @7yds From low ready, safety on, at buzzer 1x shot reload 1x shot. 2x total shots 4  

- Break and score

5. Par 60 sec group. @25yds 10x standing, @50yds 10x kneeling, @75yds 10x sitting, @100 10x prone, total shots 40

6. Timed 1 by 1, @50yds from low ready, safety on, at buzzer 5x shots standing reload, 5x shots kneeing, 5x shots prone, 1ststring 2ndstring same on support side. Total shots 30

- Finish and score

Total rounds: 90 4x mags

Fee: $42